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Women, Wealth & Wellness – Will Change Your Life! Don’t Miss This Event…

Originally posted on Renaissance Day Spa Memphis, TN:
How long are you going to keep complaining about your financial situation, waiting for that job to give you an increase, dreaming of the things you deserve, wishing you could live a…

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Summer Wrap-A-Thon……..It Works & Renaissance Day Spa!!

Summer Wrap-A-Thon Event……It Works & Renaissance Day Spa! Don’t Hide It……WRAP IT! During our Summer Wrap-A-Thon Event Coming Soon to a neighborhood near you. TIGHTEN, TONE & FIRM in as little as 45 min! If you’ve been hearing about this crazy

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How to Eat For Endomorph Body Type

Originally posted on Paleo Power Challenge 90:
Endomorphs are the body type that perhaps are most likely to feel they drew the short straw. Endomorphs naturally tend to have fuller figure, curvy or obese and struggle to keep their body fat…

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It Works Body Wraps – Do They Really Work?

It Works Body Wraps are designed to help you tighten, tone & firm in 45 minutes with progressive results in 72 hours………But how do they really work? How do the Body Wraps work? A. They promote Lipolysis. This literally means

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The Health Benefits of a Body Detox….It Works

Imagine that your body is like your car; you utilize it every day, add miles to it, exposing it to toxins and pollutants on a daily basis. The outside of your car is constantly exposed to the elements: rain, sleet,

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