What’s The Fuss About GREENS? Doctors and Personal Trainers Explain…..

Dr. Don Explains The Benefits of The Greens


It Works! Chief Science Officer, Don VerHulst, M.D., is


doctor that embraces the  naturopathic philosophy of


health from a Christian perspective. His life’s  mission


is to “share God’s simple health plan with as many people as possible.” 

He lectures all over the world and is dedicated to designing natural products  that WORK so


we can live our lives as God intended! While Dr. Oz is NOT affiliated with the company, you will also find that many things in the product line have the key ingredients that


Dr. Oz is talking about these days, like  raspberry ketones and NeOpuntia.



Dr. Don VerHulst explains why the Greens are such a Healthy Essential to Our Diets!  Please watch as he explains here


From Sarah Savidge, CPT:


Sarah Savidge, CPT“As a personal trainer I understand the benefits of superior nutrition.  So often I would see people plateau with their exercise routines.  What could they have done better?  Feed their body the nutrition it needs.

So often we think we are doing right by picking up fruits and veggies from the grocery store.  More often than not we forget that these foods, even if they are organic, have traveled an average of 12oo miles to get to us, essentially depleting the nutritional value by upwards of 40%. Then, being Americans, we slice it, dice it, fry it, saute it, nuke it, bake it–we ruin it!  By the time we are done with our veggies they have lost almost all nutritional value.

With that being said it’s no wonder why so many people are seeing the benefits of our Greens. I have stories upon stories of how this $33 dollar product has changed lives!”

From Dr. Jon Simpson, Nutritionist

Dr. Jon Simpson, (DC, Nutritionist) was blown away by the complete lineup of ingredients in the Greens, and was in disbelief when he learned of their price.  Dr. Jon has been treating illness through proper nutrition for years and knows the value of nutrient-dense whole food supplements like the Greens.


If you’re looking for serious results, or just wanting to improve your overall health and don’t want to waist time, energy and money using an “OK” product, then don’t settle.  Get Greens – now available in 2 flavors and new family size!


For more information or to purchase a 30 day supple of Greens for $33.00, click here or the image below.


Click the image above to order online!
For more information contact Renaissance Day Spa




This has been my motto for the past 11 years, to never ever EVER GIVE UP PERIOD! But I realize that way of thinking is hard for some people, so I decided to take my lessons that I learned from my journey along with my skills, knowledge and passion to help others overcome obesity and common health conditions. I hope to inspire others to believe that the impossible is possible. You can have what you say as long as you believe and have the courage to take the first step in being well-balanced, well-nourished & well-fit. Hi, My name is Tisha Lundy, I’m an entrepreneur, mother, licensed massage therapist, and a weight loss coach. Helping others to shed unwanted fat is my ministry. I’ve been in the health and wellness industry for over 11 years. I enjoy motivating others to be all that they can be. You obviously stumbled upon this site because you are ready for CHANGE! Let Me Help You Find Success On Your Weight Loss Journey.... "You may delay, but time will not."~ Benjamin Franklin

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