Your Health is Your Choice

I just love this article so much, I’m going to type it out for you – word for word. This article was written by Dr. Don – one of the geniuses behind the It Works! product line.

Your Health is Your Choice

By Don VerHulst, M.D.

Dr. Don VerHulst, M.D.

After 21 years of formal education, an M.D. degree with postgraduate training in both osteopathic and chiropractic medicine, and 30 years of helping people get and stay healthy naturally, I’ve come to a very simple conclusion: Your health is your choice! Doctors may be temporarily in charge of your disease, but only you are in charge of your health.
All of my training and experience has also brought me to an additional conclusion. HEALTH = DETOX + IMMUNE BALANCE. When you detoxify your body and balance your immune system, you will definitely achieve a healthier future.

First let’s talk about detoxification. It involves taking action three ways. One, you should do your best to keep toxins from entering your body. Toxins are in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. Some you can avoid; others you can’t. Two, you can develop healthy habits that support your body in eliminating toxins. This involves supporting your body’s ability to normalize colon function and remove fat more efficiently, since toxins can hide in excess fatty tissue. Three, you need to ingest the proper nutrients for optimal liver and kidney function, since these organs are absolutely essential for waste removal.

Balancing Immune System
The other half of the health equation is balancing the immune system. Your body is designed to stay healthy. When attacked from an outside source, such as an infection with a virus, fungus, bacteria or even a parasite, your balanced immune system will battle these external invaders and win to bring you back to health. When the malfunction comes from within, your T4 killer cells are well able to destroy it. An example of this is a cancer, which is just a rebellious cell that divides uncontrollably and spreads to vital organs if left unchecked. If you neglect the two parts of the health equation – detoxification and balancing the immune system – disease can get the upper hand.
The immediate and continuous result of achieving your health-equation goals is you get healthier so you can live longer. You can do this naturally with proper diet, lifestyle changes and adequate nutritional supplementation. With current science and technology, you can do almost everything nutraceutically that can be done pharmaceutically.
Although pharmaceuticals may add years to your life in some cases, they may certainly take years away. The fourth leading cause of death in the United States is adverse reactions to pharmaceuticals!
Detoxification and balancing the immune system will not only add years to your life, but life to your years. The side effects of this natural approach are looking better, feeling better and having more energy. Poisoning yourself to health with prescription drugs never works as well in the long run as feeding your body the concentrated good foods it requires via nutritional supplementation.

What’s the first good thing that happens with detoxification and balancing your immune system? You get healthier on the inside so you can live longer, something everyone desires. Helping people like you to achieve optimal health with natural alternatives is what I have dedicated myself to for more than three decades.

It is really not that difficult to prevent, arrest and even reverse disease when you address the cause, as opposed to just covering the symptoms with drugs.
The secondary effect of this approach took me by surprise many years ago. For some this secondary benefit can be even more important than getting healthier on the inside so they can live longer.

When you detoxify and balance your immune system, you will also get healthier on the outside so you can look younger, more refreshed and vibrant. Why? Because what goes on inside eventually finds its way to the outside.
I was surprised at just how motivating this can be when helping people improve their health habits. When people see results on the outside, they get much more interested in getting healthier on the inside, where it really counts for longevity.

Drink what you’re mostly made of.

I remember well all the extremes we used to go to during my medical school training days, X-raying, CAT-scanning, doing MRIs, and even needed aspirations or surgery to determine just what was going on inside the patient. Never once did we consider the importance of how the patient saw themselves. I now know that how you see yourself in the mirror is a great determining factor in your outcome concerning health and longevity. Small improvements on the outside can mean great motivation on the inside, especially in the head.

Visualize Your Healthier Future
As a person begins to visualize the very real possibility of a healthier future, they begin to live it. This is predictable with almost 100 percent accuracy. People who see themselves healthier definitely enjoy better health and even live longer and stronger. Extensive research in the area of psychoneuroimmunology, a brand-new science, presents endless possibilities for those who believe and act on that belief.
Right now, you need to begin to see yourself at an ideal weight, efficiently burning fat and building muscle. You can get in shape – and have a brand-new shape. Imagine your healthy-looking skin, toned and firm, and that’s exactly what you’ll have as you take action. Give your body the nutrients proven to result in health and longevity – they do exist. Do the research, invest in your healthy future and get moving.
Excellent health doesn’t just happen by accident; neither does disease. Your health is your choice. You don’t pay the price for good health habits; you pay the price for poor ones. The good news is you can make some simple changes today, and immediately your body will go to work for you instead of against you.

This article was originally published in the April 2012 issue of Success From Home Magazine – Volume 8, Issue 4 featuring It Works! Global.

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This has been my motto for the past 11 years, to never ever EVER GIVE UP PERIOD! But I realize that way of thinking is hard for some people, so I decided to take my lessons that I learned from my journey along with my skills, knowledge and passion to help others overcome obesity and common health conditions. I hope to inspire others to believe that the impossible is possible. You can have what you say as long as you believe and have the courage to take the first step in being well-balanced, well-nourished & well-fit. Hi, My name is Tisha Lundy, I’m an entrepreneur, mother, licensed massage therapist, and a weight loss coach. Helping others to shed unwanted fat is my ministry. I’ve been in the health and wellness industry for over 11 years. I enjoy motivating others to be all that they can be. You obviously stumbled upon this site because you are ready for CHANGE! Let Me Help You Find Success On Your Weight Loss Journey.... "You may delay, but time will not."~ Benjamin Franklin

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