Lupus and RA testimony

Here’s a powerful testimony from Stacey Womble Cartwright about how the Greens and Vitals has helped her come off of her Lupus & RA synthetic medications…..

b176760d5b7893cbbdbd183f4e5c457cI had Lupus and RA. Yes you read that right I HAD!! The lady started asking me about my Lupus and I told her I am healed I no longer have Lupus or RA. She started to cry right in the store. No one understands illnesses like RA, Lupus and so many others you might not see it on the outside but inside we are falling apart sometimes. It’s hard to have hope and the Dr.’s fill us with medication that is killing us. She said it was such a blessing to talk to someone that is doing good. I explained I take  It’s Vital (It Works multi-vitamin) & The Greens, they have truly changed my life and the lives of so many of my family members.

I can not say this or any product will work for you and I am not a Dr. all I can tell you is how it has helped me and so many others over the last 8 months. The It’s Vital is $29 for 90 pills and the Greens are only $28. My copay for me to go to the Dr. is more than one of these products and I can say I DO NOT TAKE MEDICATION ANYMORE!! WOOHOO!! My cup runs over daily because I know I REALLY help people it might be with products and it might be teaching them how to do what I do but daily I get to HELP!!” Stacey W. Cartwright
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Here’s to health!
Tisha Lundy

This has been my motto for the past 11 years, to never ever EVER GIVE UP PERIOD! But I realize that way of thinking is hard for some people, so I decided to take my lessons that I learned from my journey along with my skills, knowledge and passion to help others overcome obesity and common health conditions. I hope to inspire others to believe that the impossible is possible. You can have what you say as long as you believe and have the courage to take the first step in being well-balanced, well-nourished & well-fit. Hi, My name is Tisha Lundy, I’m an entrepreneur, mother, licensed massage therapist, and a weight loss coach. Helping others to shed unwanted fat is my ministry. I’ve been in the health and wellness industry for over 11 years. I enjoy motivating others to be all that they can be. You obviously stumbled upon this site because you are ready for CHANGE! Let Me Help You Find Success On Your Weight Loss Journey.... "You may delay, but time will not."~ Benjamin Franklin

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2 comments on “Lupus and RA testimony
  1. Hi Tisha. I’m happy to hear that you have successfully got over RA and Lupus. I HAD RA too and that was more than a year ago. I wasn’t aware about the Vital pills and Greens that time. My RA was healed through stem cell treatment. I had it with my Stem MD ortho surgeon, Dr Purita. I can say that it was successful since I never had problems with my joints several weeks after I completed the therapy, but of course, I am hoping that the effect will last longer. Are those pills good for maintenance as well?

    • Yes Michael the greens and vitals are very good for maintenance! Lots of my clients who suffered with Lupus and or RA are now only taking these two all natural supplements and are off their synthetic medications. You should try it as well and tell me how it works for you. order at

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